Martin's Ofsted reportHelen's Ofsted report

Martin's Ofsted reportHelen's Ofsted report

Daily Routine
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Daily Routine - Term time



*Daily Routine (Term Time)


Quiet Play / Colouring
Free play
Organised Play (usually creative)
Singing Time / Storytime
Outside Play
Calm Play


Nap / Organised Play for those awake


Singing Time / Storytime Freeplay / Outside Play

Calm Play / Colouring


Calm Play / Television

*Subject to change due to nap times / child's interest etc.


Menu Example

Breakfast - Cereal/toast, fruit/yogurt

Lunch - fruit, sandwiches + yogurt

Light Tea - crumpets with cheese and fruit, soup and bread, hoops on toast etc.

Packed Lunches - Stored on own shelf of fridge and food brought out at snack and lunch/tea times.

Fruit encouraged to form part of the meal.